Only you are in full control

Manage your account settings. Add or delete nominees who would get the access to the information, documents or accounts that you have nominated them for. You can create rules for access and authentication. Nominees do not get access till the user is alive

Final Wishes

The ultimate gift of peace we can give to those we leave behind is to make our wishes known. Last wishes are also about putting your own personal touch on your legacy. Your last wishes provide an opportunity to leave a lasting impression on family and friends. Leave instructions about your last wishes and ensure that they land up in the right hands so that they can fulfill these on your behalf

Time Capsule Messages

What would it be in case you have to say goodbye to someone right now? There is so much that we have to say when we are there but we do not say. Create goodbye mails or videos to tell people what they meant to you. Edit or delete anytime you wish. Messages are sent to the intended recipients only upon the trigger that you are no longer there


While many of us like to think that we're immortal, the old joke is that only two things in life are for sure: death and taxes. Don’t let your family run from one place to other to get access to your finances. Plan and prepare a repository of all your accounts, their access and insurance papers. Your nominees will receive this information when they need it the most

Future Gifts

There really isn’t a perfect time to get over a loved one. There will be plenty of milestones, birthdays, graduation, weddings, babies that one would miss. Make your presence felt during these special occasions by planning and sending gifts to them even if you are not there.

Assets and Inheritance

Believe it or not, you have an estate and estate planning is an essential part of any financial plan. You would want the inheritance to your loved ones as hassle free as possible. Save all inheritance related information and documents including the will which gets transferred to your nominees the way you wanted


Share your experiences and memories with loved ones through pictures, documents, music and videos. Create your repository or connect a third party storage to serve as a legacy after you are not there. Your generations to come will be excited to know a lot about you and you will leave in their memories forever


You are gone, your digital data isn’t. Plan for your digital assets and social media accounts. Do you want them to be discontinued or managed on your behalf? Connect your accounts here and set the rules for each one of these. Leaving behind detailed instructions for accessing your online accounts can save your heirs a good deal of frustration

Privacy and Security

Best in the industry security through scrambling and encryption algorithms. Multifactor user authentication and avoidance of false alarms through layered alerts

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